Project Description

İdeal Yaşam Alanları Co. Ltd. has completed the Deniztepe Houses Project developed by Dubai Constructions upon the purchase of Dubai Construction Real Estate Industry and Commerce Co. Ltd.

Located on an area of 30.000 m², Deniztepe Houses provide a healthy and enjoyable life for you. Furthermore, every detail of your needs have exclusively been considered.


Life at Deniztepe

“My life got changed!”

It does not sound credible, does it? Just think about it: The cool morning weather, you open the windows; a perfectly clean air fills in the room. The day starts with birds singing while you inhale the scent of the soil. You just think for a second “Am I awake or still sleeping?” through this all.

You go on to the terrace from the balcony door. The Marmara Sea stretches out ahead of you. Taking a deep breath you stare around.

Soon you may just go down the pool, lie sunbathing on the grass with your family or just keep enjoying the terrace while planning what to do among many options.

Now, think about it again. Would it not be a different life than now if you got to start the day with such mornings?


Social Facilities at Deniztepe Houses

All sports options are available, from tennis courts to swimming pool and basketball field, for those who have made sports into a lifestyle. Furthermore an indoor swimming pool and fitness hall that shall soon be opened…

People aware of the significance of a healthy life shall be able to enjoy sports alternatives at Deniztepe Houses Social Facilities. The sauna section at the facilities shall be a favorite place for those who like to keep fit.


Your Children are Safe at Deniztepe Houses

Playgrounds and parks at utmost safety in Deniztepe Houses are available for your children, while you can also enjoy walks through 19.000 m² of green area. You will be able to feel the peace of living in a housing estate with 7/24 security while your children shall be playing in the parks.


Secure and Comfortable Life

Deniztepe Houses provide high life standards both inside the estate and inside your villa. Central heating boiler, colorful PVC windows, fireplace in the lounge, balcony, terrace barbeque, steel doors are among the standard features of the villas here.

Each villa has its own garden, excluding the B-type villas. Almost all villas have a sea view, which show the privilege given to Deniztepe Homes.

A 24-hour security system is available to provide a safe environment for you at Deniztepe Houses consisting of 120 villas at Beylikdüzü coast. Furthermore, your cars shall be at safety in the covered carpark area for 52 cars and open area for 156 cars, both of which shall be accessible soon.